Mas­sive con­struc­tion under Grand Cen­tral Sta­tion in NYC. A slide show of images of tun­nel­ing for the new LIR con­nec­tions. Note — indi­vid­ual cap­tions are to the right of the images.


Science and technology

Hunter and preda­tor robots. Neur­al net­works and ran­dom muta­tions allow robots to evolve behav­iors.


Art, Images, Design

13 pic­tures from the Wom­en’s Bureau archives of women doing war work. The Nation­al Archives is mak­ing good use of Flickr. The slide shows are enter­tain­ing and the infor­ma­tion about the indi­vid­ual images are well cat­a­loged and well pre­sent­ed. Best of both worlds.

It’s not in Eng­lish (yet) but dang do I want it to be. Car­toon Cook­ing. Illus­trat­ed recipes and techniques.

Econ­o­my, sim­plic­i­ty, time­li­ness. More of life should be as fine­ly drawn as these line based por­traits done on the Tokyo trains.

A hand­ful of bril­liant open­ing cred­its for recent movies. (video — sound)

Anoth­er clas­sic chil­dren’s book. Aesop’s Fables with illus­tra­tions by Milo Win­ters.

We’ve almost made it. Just a lit­tle further.