Morning Linkage (Aug 23)


Gaze Longingly at These Buicks of Yore. Well at the first three or four any­way. Classic designs. After the 60’s Wildcat it all goes down hill.

The Zaeta 530. Now (or soon) avail­able in street legal two-up trim. There’s a nice video that fea­tures arty footage of hors­es, fol­lowed by the Zaeta and a Porsche doing some seri­ous drift­ing in the dirt.

The Wilson II. Extreme and prob­a­bly unrid­able but omg the pipes…

Notable espe­cial­ly for its ori­gins. Mohammed Shojaie’s Ostoure (‘Legend’ in Persian) con­cept bike.  Much of the artist’s oth­er work is includ­ed in Bloom, an Iranian on-line rac­ing game.


Jack Horkheimer — the Star Gazer — passed away late last week.  For some back­ground and a taste of his humor have a look at this Profile col­umn from the Jan 06 edi­tion of Astronomy. (PDF)

Looking back at earth from space. Wired Science presents a gallery of images of algal blooms. Damn we live on a beau­ti­ful planet.

Art, Images, and Design

Only one artist this morn­ing. But this overview of Alex Varanese’s work includ­ing the won­der­ful Alt1977 retro-futurism project will give you a good start to your week.

off you go kiddies.

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