Morning Linkage (Oct 5)


Apropos recent dis­cus­sions of police iden­ti­fi­ca­tion. Here’s a gallery
of pix of the new bogey. Chevy Caprice cop cruis­er. Look closely,
com­mit to memory.

Can’t quite put my fin­ger of the words I’m look­ing for to descripbe
this one. Something about cats or dogs and break­fast. Why does fast
have to be so ugly?

Cute as a bug and with the prop­er num­ber of wheels. (3)

Another gallery. This time of tri­als bikes. Check the fourth image
down. A Guzzi tri­aler? Well I’ll be…



Heavy on the archi­tec­ture this morning.

I have no idea how this amp sounds. But it looks delicious.

Another phal­lic homage to cor­po­rate ego. The tallest build­ing in
Europe may go up in St.Petersburg cour­tesy of Gazprom’s oil unit OAO
Gazprom Neft. Just plain wrong.

Unicorn chas­er for the above. A guid­ed tour of St Petersburg on the
occa­sion of it’s 300th anniver­sary. (mod­est music)

And as a salve for the loud, child­ish archi­tec­ture of the new Facebook
digs from last week. This set of offices cre­at­ed out of an old bowl­ing

More mod­ern archi­tec­ture. Square with cor­ru­gat­ed met­al exte­ri­ors. Soon
we may all be liv­ing in con­vert­ed ship­ping con­tain­ers. This is what we
hope they’ll look like.



Sexiest SFW you have ever seen. Anyone else want to learn to tan­go?

Lyrically beau­ti­ful illus­tra­tions of fly­ing machines, jets, and rockets.

From Terrible Yellow Eyes. Not the first John Coulter piece I’ve
fea­tured. (And yes, it does cause a dou­ble take every time I see his
name.,or maybe our JC has a secret identity?)

Go to Robots and Mosters. Order a cus­tom robot/monster draw­ing.
Support a good cause. Own the coolest pet pic­ture ever.

Happy Monday my darlings.