Morning Linkage (Nov 17)


Because I just could­n’t help myself. I’ll inflict as many pic­tures of this beast on you all as I can find. This one comes with the price tag though. ~le sigh~ Not even after the manda­to­ry “three years for depre­ci­a­tion” wait am I going to be able to afford one.

Slightly more afford­able is this new 2+2 Lotus Evora. And, all of you vehi­cle web­site design­ers out there. This is how you use flashy/silverlighty/interactive media to sell a car. Wicked quick load­ing, clear nav­i­ga­tion points, and NO music. Now if we could just fig­ure out a way to book­mark bits we’d be good to go.

Uh, there are still a few IceHoles among my loy­al read­er­ship? Right? KTM Adventure ICE. Wicked (That’s the same adjec­tive twice in one post — sorry.)

Cross-over item for the day. Mini (Cooper) does anoth­er art project. The Wash-Me book.


Tech and Gadgets

The Ars Technica hol­i­day gift guide is out.


Society and Culture

The rush for H1N1 vac­cines is cre­at­ing long lines of irri­ta­ble folks. In Quebec the Minster of Health looked south to Orlando and the Kingdom of the Mouse for help in man­ag­ing the crush.

Over at Boing-Boing Maggie Koerth-Baker sum­ma­rizes Asit Biswas’ speech to last mon­th’s Nobel Conference. Is There Really a Water Shortage? His take on the prob­lem of pro­vid­ing clean drink­ing water to every­one on earth is a vast depar­ture from the usu­al rhetoric of scarci­ty. Yes, drink­able water is scarce but water itself, maybe not. Video of the full pre­sen­ta­tion and the Q&A are linked to at the bottom.


Images, Art, and Architecture

More water. This time sur­round­ing the restau­rant at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Hotel in Rangalifinolhu, Maldives. Underwater din­ing.

The Eugene (OR) Science Factory Children’s Museum is get­ting more new art. Alice Feagan pro­vid­ed these charm­ing under­wa­ter scenes. (First five images in the gallery.)

Another ani­mal gig­gle. This one is all over the ‘net this morn­ing. Cutest cream­er ever. I’m only dis­ap­point­ed that this was­n’t the full size milk jug that it looked like in the first pic­tures I saw. There are a lot more chuck­les to be had on Fred and Friends.

Adam Korford, aka Apelad of Laugh-Out-Loud Cats car­toon fame is doing Limericks for Naughty Children. Snicker.

Another best of the day from Urban Sketchers. The strid­ing blue lady rocks me.

Color and pat­tern in paint. Emmett Kerrigan on Colour Lovers.

It was a tossup between this and the pitch­er for the out the door moment today. I’m feel­ing a lit­tle more Lady MacBeth than Emily Litella so here yah go.