Morning Linkage (Nov 12)


A love­ly trio of two and three wheel toys. There’s some­thing about the
dreamy 50’s pas­tel style that I like so much.

Not quite toys but wicked fun look­ing lit­tle bikes. Why don’t we get
these sorts of things in the USA? And who writes KTM’s press releases?
Not good.

A world speed record hold­ing boat has been bought by Sea Shepherd for
use “against” the Japanese whal­ing fleet this sea­son. Whatever your
opin­ion of Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd group this boat is just
plain cool
. (Too bad it’s going to get smashed to lit­tle bits.)

The use of video in recre­at­ing acci­dents has come a long way since the
ear­ly toy cars and paint­ed lines era. This (one of sev­er­al) video
recre­ation of the events of Flight 1549 is jaw dropping.



The sci­ence of fore­cast­ing is fraught. BBC takes a look at the
sim­i­lar­i­ties between weath­er fore­cast­ing and epidemiological
fore­cast­ing. You can get the jist from the write up. (Can some­one find
a link to the full length TV report?)



I’m includ­ing this shal­low lit­tle piece from Autopia sole­ly for the
pur­pose of intro­duc­ing a new term/concept. Dog-Whistle Taste. Snort.

A case study in the ques­tion of causal­i­ty vs. cor­re­la­tion vs
coin­ci­dence. The pro­duc­tion of  good rock and roll leads the
pro­duc­tion of oil.



Cartography in ser­vice of roller coast­er thrills. Boin- Boing points
to a site full of maps of theme parks. Some of them are love­ly. The
site index isn’t much to look at but ran­dom click­ing is fun.

Anyone who’s spent much time in the world of man­ga knows what hentai
means but few casu­al users ful­ly under­stand the icong­ra­phy and slang
that is used in the Japanese ver­sions and just how hen­tai much of the
seem­ing­ly inno­cent work passed around is. Hush (artist) is open­ing a
show in London this week­end that explores the issue.

You can get a look at more of his sub­ver­sive work on:

Very sil­ly Discovery Channel spot “The World is Just Awesome” part 2. Yay!

A spe­cial birth­day today. Grace Kelly. Class all the way.

is it Thursday already?