All things Alice (in Won­der­land) the first pub­lic­i­ty bar­rage is up and running.

pan and scan and zoom in on three views of the wonderland.–06-22-wonderland-art_N.htm

Char­ac­ter Stills

Two char­ac­ter stills added.

Anoth­er end of an era in pho­tog­ra­phy post. First the Polaroid and now

A cou­ple of image/story makers:

Jens Claessens puts togeth­er the mate­ri­als that go into mak­ing an
illus­trat­ed story.‑t.html

Matthieu For­ni­chon does charm­ing and occa­sion­al­ly wry illustrations.
(Site in French — it does­n’t matter)

Irony from Glue Soci­ety, of a sort — but most­ly I like the picture.
(The Glue Soci­ety’s own web page is annoy­ing in the extreme.)

11 Train Sta­tions — now gone. Fab­u­lous Amer­i­can Empire architecture.

1 Space Port — we can only hope it meets the same fate as the above
train sta­tions — a lot more quick­ly. (Dang that’s ugly)

In case of emer­gency — build a wi-fi sig­nal grab­ber with common
kitchen uten­sils. (You know you’re gonna need this when the zombies

I can’t believe I am link­ing to yet more fur­ni­ture that becomes a coffin.

The hot item of the moment — the Gay Mar­riage Debate as a graph­ic — I
don’t think it’s a very good bit of graph­ic com­mu­ni­ca­tion but everyone
is  talk­ing about it so you may as well judge for yourself.

mean­while back at the ranch — there are things that want to be fed.
more on Thursday,