Morning Linkage (Jul 9)

Read how they did it and then watch “Performance”. I always wanted
water­col­ors to work this way even if it is an ad for gasoline.

You all liked one sen­tence sto­ries so much that I fig­ure you’ll like
Significant Objects as well. Here’s a descrip­tion of the project.
and here are the stories.

Degree I won’t be get­ting. (Does the descrip­tion say any­thing or is
free of seman­tic content?)

Photo essay on migra­tion and immi­gra­tion around the world. We here in
the US often think that we have a unique ‘prob­lem’. (Note that while
many peo­ple object to flash based pre­sen­ta­tion in this case I think it