Morning Linkage (Jul 31)

Everyone is enti­tled to an opinion:

Gorgeous pic­ture of a crap bike.

Crap pic­ture of a gor­geous bike.


On August 26th the Mini Cooper will be 50 years old. Forbes put up a
nice lit­tle slide show.


Repurposed fur­ni­ture (com­po­nents). Does some­one have a bet­ter word
than repur­posed? It’s so made up.

Cold frames from the As-Is depart­ment at IKEA.

Sweet aviary from a bust­ed up wardrobe.


Some nice black and white art — book plates. Einstein’s is at the bottom.

More nice black and white art — Styrofoam cof­fee cups. No, really.


The IDEA awards for 2009 are out.These three pages give you little
links to all the prod­ucts. As usu­al, the stuff award­ed sil­ver and
bronze is much more inter­est­ing that the stuff giv­en gold medals.


Print Magazine gave four design firms a brief to design pack­ag­ing for
legal­ized mar­i­jua­na. The results are droll at best. Here’s a link to
cov­er­age from Fast Company that does a much bet­ter job of reviewing
the results than Print does on it’s very borked website.


The three lit­tle pigs would­n’t have stood a chance if the big bad wolf
had one of these. A vor­tex canon. Gather fun pro­pos­al #37. (Just
kid­ding.) Bonus mak­ing of video included.


Off to read Freak Angels episode 63. (You’ll need days to catch up but
it’s worth it if you like dark.)