Morning Linkage (Jul 29)

Starting with some archi­tec­ture. 10 class­rooms designed specifically
to meet the chal­lenges of 10 sites and com­mu­ni­ties. The promise of
loca­tion appro­pri­ate archi­tec­ture ful­filled. (Mostly — no one’s

A mate­ri­als data­base site that is wicked fun to explore. You’ll want
to start projects just to use some of this stuff.

Some paint­ings that I find appeal­ing. Airborne architecture?

A nice exam­ple of mak­ing num­bers come alive. I don’t know why
Hellman’s (mayo) is back­ing an eat local cam­paign in Canada but I’m
not going to com­plain much about some­thing that makes the imported
food indus­try look less appeal­ing. (yeah it’s flash.)

After that attempt to use illus­tra­tions to make some­thing clear.
Here’s Christopher Niemann’s attempt­ing to make the often muddled
process of mak­ing an illus­tra­tion, well, mud­dled. It’s fun­ny, trust

Boing-boing pro­vides a rather coher­ent giv­en the top­ic sum­ma­ry of the
AP’s recent­ly announced DRM-for-news scheme.
And a link to the sav­age remix of the AP’s illus­tra­tion. (NSWF if your
boss is look­ing over your shoul­der or you work for a ‘news outlet’.

A news out­let that gets it right. NPR has a sub­tle but powerful
redesign for it’s site. Better look­ing, eas­i­er to use, excel­lent seek
and find tools… Nice.

In the last cou­ple of days I’ve seen a lot of high-concept fashion
pho­tog­ra­phy. It leaves me cold. This pho­to­graph of Richard Avedon
work­ing does not.

Apple and the iPhone are begin­ning to look stu­pid­ly conflicted.

Here they are killing a Google Voice app at the behest of AT&T. Who’s
wear­ing the pants in that rela­tion­ship anyway?‑v.html

And here Apple is mak­ing some real­ly far-fetched claims about risks to
the cell net­work from jail-broken iPhones. Transparent attempt to
retain con­trol over the device in the face of upcom­ing FCC looking
into the state of the rela­tion­ship between hand­set man­u­fac­tur­ers and
car­ri­ers duly not­ed. And yawned over.

Much nicer apples. Sweet post-it notes from a Japanese design firm.
(No I can’t fig­ure out where to buy them. Someone was very patient to
have sift­ed through he design­ers’ unus­able web­site to find these.)

stay cool,