Morning Linkage (Jul 20)

Auto-topia reports: BMW to pro­duce an elec­tric scooter?
There’s a pic­ture and a google trans­la­tion here:‑8

Moto uni­corn chas­er for the men­tion of the C‑1:

Pop-tarts may be the break­fast pas­try of choice on your house but
these look way better:

Today’s pho­to galleries:

Woodstock: (some NSFW)

Ozark’s Music Festival — almost as old as Woodstock: (some NSFW)
(Black ground info and more links.)

Dear Friends at the International Center for Photography. American
Portraits of Men Together 1840–1918

Awesome use of ship­ping con­tain­ers to cre­ate a liv­ing space on a West
Texas ranch.

Not quite so awe­some but still awe­some. Mosaic table of the Simpsons.

More awe­some — this time a paint­ing by Julius Grimm of the sur­face of
the moon based on his pho­tographs tak­en in the 1870s and 1880s.

A mock-up of an Iraqi vil­lage on a stu­dio back lot in San Diego.
Eerie, creepy, and a lit­tle ludicrous.

And that big blob that was eat­ing shore birds in Alaska? Algae. (Is it
just me or is there a law that says that any news report of an unusual
nat­ur­al phe­nom­e­na must now include glob­al warm­ing as one of the
pos­si­ble explanations?)

more tomor­row,