Morning Linkage (Dec 16)


It’s final­ly warm again today but you nev­er know what the rest of the
win­ter may bring. For those of you who insist on rid­ing not matter
what. The next best thing to a Zamboni.

Phil Rudge, writes about rebuild­ing a 1931 Rudge Ulster. Did you know
that EMI once owned a motor­cy­cle man­u­fac­tur­er? I did­n’t. Excellent
Vintagent write up.

More machine video. This time instead of build­ing, it’s unbuilding.
Disassembling a Hyundai. Short and sweet. Light music.

Cars in camo look stu­pid. Except maybe this McLaren decked out for
win­ter test­ing in Sweden. Or maybe I just lust after the car.


Science and Technology

The steel indus­try is alive and not so well. But not as bad as it was.

Twitter aids sci­ence. Local twit­ter reac­tions to earth­quakes leave
evi­dence for geologists.



The artists being ripped off by the record com­pa­nies (in Canada) may
find relief and the rest of us may find vin­di­ca­tion. There is talk of
the artists’ using the dam­age awards that RIAA has claimed in
copy­right infringe­ment cas­es as the basis for dam­ages to be claimed in
their fight for pay­ment. Ouch.


Art, Image, and Design

Holiday cheer — Mr. and Mrs. Cthulhu Claus.

Scrap book­ing brought col­lage to the atten­tion of the mass­es. Here’s a
look at some of the his­to­ry of the form and some of the best
con­tem­po­rary work.

I don’t care for Roger Federer but look fur­ther into Hellovon’s
port­fo­lio for some fresh mono­chrome work.

More book art. This time a set of 3‑D adven­ture sto­ries carved out of pages.

Reg Mobasssa’s work is prob­a­bly famil­iar to many of you. The
Australian painter has been putting out pop images for 30+ years. He
answers ques­tions for Planet Blog and they pro­vide a nice selec­tion of
his work. (Vaguely NSFW — adam and eve)



More fun with com­put­er ani­ma­tion soft­ware and Ninjas. Brett sent me
this one and owes me a keyboard.

Happy Tuesday campers,