Morning Linkage (Dec 10)


Love the bike, love the pic­ture. Follow the link at the bot­tom for the full gallery — music warn­ing on the link.

For 2010, the Thruxton SE. I’m going to fig­ure out how to get the black cas­es on the one in the shop.

Trains and side­cars. Yay.

More trains. A Life gallery of box car logos. I grew up next to the tracks and remem­ber see­ing a lot of these, but not all of them.

What was Popular Mechanics think­ing? Some of the more ridicu­lous trans­porta­tion ideas float­ed by PopMech and Modern Mechanics. What, you don’t read the woot blog?

That damned cat is every­where. Hello Kitty flies. I just want an air­line meal that looks that close to edible.

I feel oblig­at­ed to report on this. Heels on Wheels. Sounds great — shoes and bikes. Dull.


Science and Tech

Building Blog has a fas­ci­nat­ing illus­trat­ed inter­view on under­ground stor­age of nuclear mate­ri­als. Non-political for the most part, full of geeky geol­o­gy, build­ing tech, and gen­er­al sci­en­tif­ic good­ness.

From under­ground to the upper reach­es. Alien ori­gins of cer­tain gas­es hint at out­er space being as impor­tant as inner space in form­ing earth­’s atmosphere .

Speaking of space, Google opens up a suite of tools to use with satel­lite imagery to track changes on earth.

Eric Schmidt thinks you can avoid pri­va­cy prob­lems by not doing things that you’d be embar­rassed to have made public.(Okay that’s a lit­tle shal­low as an analy­sis of his state­ments.)  Bruce Schneier points out that pri­va­cy mat­ters not because you might have to explain to your boss why you drew a mus­tache on the Mona Lisa but because pri­va­cy is the anti­dote to tyran­ny.

I’ve always won­dered exact­ly how bad­ly fubared the eco­nom­ic mod­el for cell phone sales in the US is. Here’s a set of data points for the iPhone. Interesting. The cel­lu­lar com­mu­ni­ca­tions busi­ness mod­el should implode in about 30 minutes.


Art, Images, Animation

Amanda Visell’s char­ac­ters make me smile. Check out the rab­bits. And there are pen­guins. Real pen­guins, fur­ther down the page.

Andy Kehoe is from Pittsburgh and now lives in Portland. This inter­view talks about his work for “The World Unseen and Those In Between” show­ing at Thinkspace, and his very cool stu­dio space.

Brandon Graham turns 33 and pro­vides us with a mas­sive, jum­bled post of his work. (NSFW for lan­guage and lingerie)

Today’s ani­ma­tion. Freaking beau­ti­ful images, adorable sto­ries. Click the Music Off link in the low­er left cor­ner. (Music/Christmas)

Stills from the ani­ma­tion with no music here.

Happy Friday,