Morning Linkage (Aug 4)

Let’s see if I can remem­ber to spellcheck before send­ing this
morn­ing, shall we?


We think of wild fires as being a phe­nom­e­na of the forest­ed west of
the USA and Canada. Mediterranean coun­tries face their own fire
sea­son. The Big Picture has images.

More from Europe. An all com­ers heavy met­al fes­ti­val in Germany. (folk metal?)

Clearly some of those met­al heads have been cruis­ing the ‘net and seen
this love­ly tiki head carved out of a water­mel­on centerpiece.


The Future…

…of edu­ca­tion. Nathan Shedroff pro­vides the curic­u­la for three of
hos design cours­es, along with the pre­sen­ta­tion mate­ri­als and links to
many of the arti­cles to be dis­cussed. Anyone one study and because
it’s all CC licensed any­one can nuse his mate­ri­als as a start­ing point
for thi­er own teaching.

…of fab­ri­ca­tion. Printing stain­less steel. If you can draw it in a
CAD sys­tem you can make a replace­ment part for any­thing. (Or a stupid
look­ing fig­urine with its hand up its nose.)

…of den­tistry. Successful regrowth of a tooth in situ. Dentures may
end up as an item in one of those ‘can you believe they put those
things in their mouth’ exhibits in 2050.



New chips com­ing for net­books,. More name con­fu­sion com­ing to the
mar­ket space. Smartbooks? — and some peo­ple need to get a grip with
the URL makers -

Remote read­ing of RFID chips in cards is a favorite bug­bear of the
tin­foil hat crowd. Oh and the feds at DefCon. I find the last
para­graph to be espe­cial­ly inter­est­ing. I won­der how many of the
lit­tle blighters I’m unknow­ing­ly carrying.



A remod­el of a lake­side house. I like it but the feel is very 50s
SoCal for some­thing so new and in TX.



Two illus­tra­tors both doing work on graph­ic nov­els. They have a
sim­i­lar feel but very dif­fer­ent sub­ject matter.

Star St.Germain has a flickr stream of her work. Her work is personal
and young. Her per­son­al blog has a great deign and lay­out. Very
con­sist with and com­pli­men­ta­ry of her work.

Steiner from Mars (aka Emma Rios) draws much dark­er more masculine
mate­r­i­al. (If Warren Ellis had­n’t men­tioned her name I would­n’t have
thought she was a she.)


Slate want you to choose the American Apocalypse. The choic­es are
inter­est­ing and occa­sion­al­ly just plain weird. American ends in a hail
of Rods from God? (bot­tom row) It’s a poll dis­guised as a game.

More lit­er­ary games. Where was that books set?
(6 out of 10 which is sad con­sid­er­ing I’ve read all of the books.)

Stills and the trail­er from the upcom­ing Fabuous Mr.Fox. Another
adap­ta­tion of a chil­dren’s books clear­ly aimed at attract­ing as many
grown-ups as sprogs. Count me in,

tak­ing a break for the gath­er. see you all next monday.