Morning Linkage (Aug 31)

Design and Artifacts

From Tokyo, a round up of Good Design 2009 win­ners. The auto­mat­ic meat
fresh­ness indi­ca­tor is clever and use­ful. I want a cou­ple of the lamps
list­ed sec­ond. There’s cute, clever, and head scratch­ing fur­ther on.

I love tea in the morn­ing. The joy of watch­ing this lit­tle shark float
around in my cup would make it even better.



Too bad this did­n’t show up ear­li­er in the sum­mer. Maybe we should
plan to build a piz­za oven next yea r… at Martin and Carol’s house.

Taco trucks get some atten­tion from a seri­ous food writer.



I don’t know how seri­ous these guys are about the nam­ing conventions
but the aer­i­al pho­tographs of high­ways inter­changes are great
dizzy-making fun.‑1/

Fire hydrants are tempt­ing tar­gets for painters.



Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal takes a look at sci­ence reporting.

David W has a go at the RIAA and copy­right mad­ness. The sit­u­a­tion is
so out of hand that the satire is sub­tle. (No, really.)

As I have men­tioned before, Hello Kitty turns 35 this year. The CNet
Gadgettes (oh gag) had a lit­tle con­test. Hello Cougar.–12552_1-10001381–1.html?tag=mncol;txt



I adore Tom and Jerry car­toons. But there is a dis­tinct­ly psychotic
edge that is nev­er far from the sur­face. This  re-rendering of a comic
book cov­er cap­tures it nicely.

Drop dead sexy thighs. On a robot.

Three years work in Kingston Jamacia by  Peter Dean Rickards. The
whole book is avail­able on line as a PDF.  The por­traits define a
nation and the land­scapes define a time in that nation. NSFW — one or
two nudes and lots of guns.

Ending the morn­ing with music by Tom Waits and video typog­ra­phy, no
I’m not kid­ding, by Jackie Lay, And a side of Toast.

Until tomor­row.