Morning Linkage (Aug 27)


Did you know that the wheel­ie was invent­ed by some guy on bicy­cle who
was try­ing to fright­en a horse? Okay it’s just a draw­ing but it’s a

OMG that’s fug­ly. Autotopia cap­tion con­test. And the cap­tions are lame.

OMG that is *not* fug­ly. Swoon.


Objects of Design

There were eight win­ners in the elec­tolux design con­test. The only
three good ones are here. Le Petit Prince is charm­ing and plausible.
The dish­wash­er is cool­er than mine. (Difficult to do.) Bonus dumb
trend chas­ing design included.

Lego and food. You might see lit­tle 2x2 brick short­bread cook­ies at
the Boxing Day Party this year.

Pizza rules the world on Saturday nights. Now you can rule your pizza
with chop­per styled piz­za cut­ters. Really. Click images for bigger.
That is a com­mand, not a request. (Attitude baby.)



Make a vac­u­um flu­o­res­cent dis­play clock. The work­man­ship on the model
for this DIY is enviable.

Early large tele­scopes and some of the images cap­tured through them.
The fact that this is a col­lec­tion of pic­tures with very little
expli­ca­tion lends mystery.



This one’s espe­cial­ly for myJim.  Kit Karter was a one-off com­ic about
a go kart daffy boy. Ignore the name in the link — the poster admits
to a typo.

The cov­er and an inside spread from the chil­dren’s book “Night Cars” I
agree with the poster about the spe­cial­ness of the illustrations.

Jorge Mascarenha’s por­traits of girls. Haunting. Some dis­turb­ing, some
inspir­ing. All uneasi­ly familiar.

Danboard is a card­board ver­sion of the char­ac­ter Danbo. 365 (more or
less) pho­tographs of the card­board mas­cot doing com­mon and odd things.

Impossible cool. Cash.