Morning Linkage (Apr 29)

Style points:

Legal Notes:
The Google books set­tle­ment may not be — a set­tle­ment that is.

Didn’t they teach these fools to be care­ful who they bul­ly. Lessig
twit­ters Warner Bros. take down notice.


If you’re feel­ing the need to be total­ly creeped out. Bits from the
lat­est auc­tion of MJ’s stuff. Since when does flickr do flash?

Or made happy:

Or prove that patience is not over-rated.

Because I’m cur­rent­ly doing a vol­un­teer gig. (Most of you know I’
don’t play well with others.)

more tomor­row — maybe. I’m help­ing prep for a fundraiser/photo booth
at SEAF. I have no time for impor­tant things.