Morning Linkage (Apr 22)

To fuel the OO vs. every­one else debates. Manga about Ubuntu. (Get ’em
ear­ly while they are still impressionable…)

The last dinosaur will soon be extinct. (Thank God, the thing is creepy)

I love the ways peo­ple are find­ing to put the arti­facts of excess to use.

Lovingly recre­at­ed decals for old machin­ery. To be used by restorers
of such gems as those pro­duced by Red Fox and Buffalo Forge. To be
enjoyed for their per­fect design by the rest of us.

Unesco’s Digital World Library is now online. A nice­ly done interface
to approx 1200 doc­u­ments. Excellent and deeply researched annotations
in sev­er­al lan­guages. I hope they con­tin­ue to add more material.

Oblig. motor­ized con­cept of the day:

Does any­one know of good sites/blogs for find­ing good motorcycle
design news? Most of the ones I read are heav­i­ly 4‑wheel oriented.

Best Link of the Day:
Isabella Rossellini, sci­ence, and paper­craft. Describing reproductive
tech­niques of var­i­ous ani­mals. NSWF if limpet repro­duc­tion is the sort
of thing that gets your boss all hot and bothered.

more tomor­row