Morning Linkage (Apr 20)

Spend some time look­ing at what Winfried Baumann can do with a simple
alu­minum con­tain­er. Housing, offices, can­teens. Click on “WORKS” in
the top bar.

No words just a wicked con­cept bike picture.‑2–0

The mania for recre­at­ing the pho­to­graph­ic expe­ri­ence of cheap old
cam­eras con­tin­ues. The Russian LOMO

A cou­ple of infrastructure/communications posts.

First a guide to what’s hang­ing out on the util­i­ty pole.‑field-guide-to-pol.html

And ille­gal but inge­nious use of satel­lites for bounc­ing ham radio
sig­nals in Brazil.

The Internet Archive is ask­ing the judge for per­mis­sion to intervene
in the Google/Authors Guild settlement.

And final­ly for every lit­tle girl you know, Niel Gaiman’s pray for his
god-daughter. Blueberry Girl.

That’s all for now, more tomorrow,