Morning Linkage (Apr 16)

fair warn­ing — look for me to bom­bard you with links to this in August.

walk through of the design process for “fix­ing” one of the least
suc­cess­ful tools in the world — the con­fer­ence phone.

today’s must have cloth­ing item.

over­ly flash site but OMG the design (pana­son­ic)

sweet­est zom­bie car­toon evah! I send you via Neil Gaiman’s site
because he’s very cool and has inter­est­ing things to say about the

also dude keeps bees.

Wired:Autotopia — Your Daily Source for Fugly‑truck-enginee.html

Laughably Scary? The keep­ers have no idea what the inmates do.

more tomor­row