Morning Linkage (Apr 10)

Yet anoth­er stu­pid car design that posits groovy graph­ics as the
solu­tion to — well I don’t know exact­ly what. Usually these things are
pitched at girls/women. Cars as acces­so­ry. (The pug thing is just

Hugh McLeod has anoth­er print com­ing out. Don’t like his style enough
to fork out for one but his irony kills me.
Big ver­sion here:
Post and pric­ing here:

If I ever have to do a Dale Evans gig I want this dress.

I’ve been fol­low­ing the reac­tions to the UK’s real­ly dreadful
“war-on-terror” ad campaigns.
Start here with the first reports of the originals.

A col­lec­tion of the remix­es here:
And my per­son­al favorite:

Someone must want this thing in their den. Not me.

Area 51 and the SR-71-Blackbird. Interviews with engi­neers and others
that worked there.,0,786384.story

That’s all for this week.