I’ve missed a lot of read­ing time this week. We saw some awe­some music.… Knopfler and Dylan on Sat­ur­day, Andras Schiff played all of Book 2 of the Well-Tempered Clavier on Mon­day and last night Mozart, Beethoven, Hay­den and a world pre­miere — Dai Fujikura’s
Mina, Con­cer­to for 5 Soloists and Orches­tra. That last piece was, erm, challenging.

Speak­ing of chal­leng­ing. I gave my best shot but I could­n’t get it down, Mieville’s Per­di­do Street Sta­tion. Clum­sy is the only word I can think to use for his prose. Sor­ry fans.

Foren­sics for Dum­mies — D. Lyle. Fin­ished ear­ly this week. It’s a place to start. But if this is as far as you go, your edi­tor is going to charge back all of the time she has to spend fact check­ing your crime nov­el. Also suf­fers from falls flat attempts at humor. I“ll let you know when I find the “cool” books.

The Frac­tal Prince — Rajanie­mi. Just start­ed this. So far I’m hav­ing a good time with it. 

Also picked up Lau­ren Beukes’ Zoo City. Post-something, maybe apoc­a­lypse — maybe just a real­ly bad elec­tion year. South African. She’s got a wicked voice and a bitchin’ smirk. It’s my ice cream reward for get­ting a cou­ple of not so fun tasks tak­en care of next week.

What have you been reading?