That gasp you just heard, that was my sweet baboo when he saw this fine Nor­ton in BRG.

Oshkosh Trucks, mak­ers of severe duty firetrucks. 0–50 in 35 sec­onds? That’s slooooow. But it has roof mount­ed water cannons.

H2 resto. If you know what this is you’re gonna be real­ly hap­py. If you don’t, well then ask…

Science and Cooking

If you have any young boys in the room you might want to send them out to play. At least until you fig­ure out a gen­tle way to explain this to them. The heart break­ing news from dino land is that there might not actu­al­ly be a tricer­atops. Uh huh. The three horned sav­age might actu­al­ly be the juve­nile form of the big­ger but some­what dull torosaurus.

O’Reil­ly is often the pub­lish­er of first resort for geek­i­ness. Now they are stretch­ing the bound­ary of what’s geeky. With recipes. A tech-ish review of Jeff Pot­ter’s “Cook­ing for Geeks” by James Kalbach.

Art, Images, and Design

Linked to by sev­er­al friends on Face­book. Ear­ly col­or pho­tographs, many repro­duced from slides. Very effec­tive depic­tions of a time in Amer­i­can his­to­ry that most of us have only seen in black and white.

Look­ing at our­selves. The idea of doing a cou­ple of 50’s “look­ing toward the future” style ads for Face­book et al sounds like a lot of fun. Add in a lit­tle Russ­ian per­spec­tive and you get some of the best sound­ing par­o­dies ever.

This past week­end was a good week­end; camp­ing, cook­ing, mete­or watch­ing, etc. Lawrence Cox has cap­tured the sense of adven­tur­ous free­dom bril­liant­ly in his illus­tra­tion of a run-away dog.

so off you go into your week,